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BMC Management

A Building Management Committee is also called a part strata development.

These types of developments are very complex and involves developments whereby with shared facilities (shared areas) that multiple members may have use of. Members may be separate Owners Corporations and/or separate stratum lots that have not been strata titled, such as a retail lot under the one development.

Shared facilities may include the use of a swimming pool, shared access way, fire systems, main entrance, building insurance etc.

Managing a Building Management Committee requires a high level of knowledge and expertise as well as understanding the working fundamentals of each type of Building Management Committee.


Each Building Management Committee is unique in its own right, there are no two the same as the Strata Management Statement, which essentially is the Act for each Building Management Committee is also unique to the individual development/site.

Foreshew Strata Agency has been establishing and managing Building Management Committee's for more than 25-years, ranging in size and complexity from 20 lots to in excess of 500+ lots involving multiple stratum lots. 



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