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On-Line Portal Features


The Owners and Strata Committee Members Portal allows you to access important information and documents of the Owners Corporation 24 hours a day, 7 days a week online at any time, from anywhere in the world.


The On-Line Portal enables you to log on at your convenience and access your information about your building and your lot and provides the Strata Committee full access to financial statements including but not limited to:


  • Income and Expenditure

  • Balance Sheet

  • Aged arrears

  • Monthly status report, that shows expenses paid for the prior month


The On-Line Portal also provides access to lot owners to their own ledgers via their own unique login and password.


As well as this owners can also access Agenda and Minutes of meetings as well as other information about the building

In addition to accessing your information you can also view and download copies of documents relevant to your building.


There is no need to wait for documents or information about the building or your lot to be posted or e-mailed to you from our office.




  • Perfect for tax time in accessing your levy statements for the financial year.

  • Log into the portal via our website using your secure user name and password

  • View scheduled and previous meetings

  • Directly contact our office from the portal

  • View maintenance jobs

  • Access to an array of Financial Statements and Information of the Owners Corporation

  • Owners have access to individual lot levy status

  • Owners can update their details On-line, including address, phone number and e-mail

  • Agenda’s and Minutes of the meetings are provided On-line

  • Access insurance information of the Owners Corporation

  • Logon to your iPad, android or iPhone

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