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Ensure Your Building Is Compliant

Over the years there have been more requirements for owners corporations to undertake additional area's of compliance for the safety of the owners and residential in strata title properties.

Our office has an established process for all the compliance requirement needs for our clients.

The compliance requirements for your building may cover the following:

Fire Compliance

Many buildings require an Annual Fire Safety Statement to be lodged each year with the local council stating that the building is in short compliant. As required a strata title building is to maintain each essential fire safety measure in the building in accordance with the NSW Environmental Planning and Assessment Regulation 2000.

Work Health and Safety

Owners corporations that have a place of work within their building may be required to undertake a work health and safety audit and subsequent compliance.


We provide advice and direction as to whether your owners corporation is required to carry out a safety audit and compliance and what steps need to be taken to comply with the Work Health and Safety Act.

Lift Compliance

Owners Corporations that have a lift, escalator and moving walks must lodge an annual registration for the plant to Work Cover NSW.

We handle the process of obtaining the safe to use statement from the third part service provider and lodge the annual registration to meet the Owners Corporations requirements.

Swimming Pool Compliance

The Swimming Pool Amendment Act 2012 requiring either a certificate of compliance or occupation certificate. Any owners corporation with a swimming pool or a spa must ensure of this compliance.

Our office handles the process to ensure that any of our clients with a swimming pool or a spa meet their compliance requirements.


Legislative requirements relating to asbestos commenced on 1 January 2012. These provisions formed part of the Work Health and Safety legislation.

Common property areas used only for residential purposes are exempt from this requirement, however the following schemes are captured and required to comply:


  • Mixed use strata buildings that have residential and commercial/industrial components

  • Residential strata buildings where the common property is not used for purely residential purposes

  • Residential strata buildings where the scheme engages a worker as an employee

  • Schemes which include home businesses run from seemingly residential lots

  • Tenants in common

  • Company title buildings; and,

  • Community title and Association schemes.

We handle the process  to ensure that the Owners Corporation meets its legislative requirements in relation to asbestos inspection and reporting.


All compliance requirements are adhered to in accordance with the appropriate legislation.



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