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What You Can Expect From Us

Maintenance and Compliance

To accommodate our client’s needs we have an established support team.

All work orders are issued in writing to the contractor with a unique work order number allocated.


Should the work require a Residential Building Contract in accordance with the Home Building Act, we will issue a contract or have one arranged by the contractor prior to the work proceeding.

All invoices as they are received are matched to the work order prior to approval and processing of payment.

We have an established compliance section that handles all Lift Certification, Annual Fire Services Certification Compliance, Asbestos Certification, Window Safety Compliance, Work Health and Safety Compliance as well as all other compliance requirements of the Owners Corporation.

The systems, approach and compliance requirements we have in place ensures that there are no infringements issued to the scheme and that you are protected.


We look after and manage all the statutory services required by your building.

Insurance Renewals and Claims

Foreshew Strata Agency has a dedicated Insurance personnel to ensure the Owners Corporation and individual owner’s insurance needs are met every time.


As a minimum we provide the Strata Committee three quotations for insurances for review and placement.


We understand that insurance claims can affect owners and occupiers if they are not actively followed through. As part of our process all insurance claims are lodged within one business day or sooner if an emergency and we have as a minimum a weekly follow-up process.


We obtain at least three competitive insurance quotations for the Owners Corporation on an annual basis and for the consideration of the Strata Committee. This ensures that the Owners Corporation is receiving the best possible cost savings on insurances.


Our office will also lodge all insurance claims for an on behalf of the building with immediate effect.

Levy Arrears and Levy Enquiries

Our automated debtor processes ensure all debtors are followed up until payment is received. This ensures that the financial viability of your building is not compromised and cash flow is maintained to meet your budget as well as unexpected expenses.


Within 1-month of the due date of a levy payment, if the Owners Corporation has not received payment from a lot owner, we issue a reminder notice to the respective owner.


Following the first reminder notice, in the event that the money owed has not been paid, a further notice is issued to the owner providing 14-days for payment.


Legal proceedings to recover the outstanding amount will commence following the expiration of the 14-days to make payment.

Accounting and Financial Management

We have an experienced team to handle all the trust accounting and financial affairs of your building.

Our service includes but is not limited to BAS returns, levy management, weekly processing of invoices, preparation of quarterly and annual financial accounts and much more.


Rest assured that you can have peace of mind your financial affairs are in order with us.

This includes a pre-check audit prior to the plans financial year end, as well as providing financial reports for the building and answering queries from the Strata Committee.


The financial statements can also be reviewed 24/7 via the On-line Portal by Strata Committee Members as well as the Treasurer being provided with a monthly status report on the expenses of the Owners Corporation for the prior month.


At any time the Strata Committee can request from our office copies of ledgers for any financial information of the Owners Corporation.

Budget Preparation

We will prepare a draft of the proposed budget for the forthcoming AGM. With our experience and expertise within the strata industry our budgets are accurate and concise to ensure your building is budgeting to meet its expenses.

Preparation of a budget that suits the requirements of a building is unique to each building and therefore our team of strata professional take time to assess the needs of the building and provide a budget that is formalised to meet your buildings requirements. A value added service that we provide is a pre-budget report to the Strata Committee for review prior to being sent with the Annual General Meeting agenda.


Meeting Preparation and Chairmanship

Our Strata Managers are some of the most experienced in the industry and have the skill, expertise and management skills to conduct and manage the affairs of meeting co-ordination and as acting chairperson.

Our team have many years of experience in co-ordinating and chairing meetings on behalf of our clients. This includes and ensuring that the statutory information and motions are included as well as providing detailed explanatory notes to provide owners with background information in relation to the motion.

We have no preference as to where you would like to hold your meetings, however your offices’ meeting room is at your disposal to utilise for meetings.

We provide all our clients a flexible approach of where they would like to hold the meetings. With this in mind meetings can be held at our offices, on-site or at an alternate location. The choice is yours.

By-Law Administration and Enforcement

The by-laws for each building is its own individual bible and rules on matters that owners and residents must comply with.


We can assist you with advice about your by-laws and also the steps and procedures to enforce the by-laws, which includes lodgements to the NSW Civil and Administrative Tribunal (NCAT) for penalties or orders.

The control and management of your building is vitally important.


The Strata Managers at Foreshew Strata Agency will guide the Strata Committee on due processes in enforcing the buildings by-laws, while at the same time preserving the anonymity of the owners and the Strata Committee Members.


We have a proven method of quickly addressing common by-law breach complaints, such as:


  • Parking on common property

  • Drying of laundry items on the balcony or other parts of common property

  • Noise/excessive noise complaints

  • Keeping of animals

  • Illegal installation on the common property


In the event that further action and enforcement is required, after the issuing of a by-law breach, all our Strata Managers are skilled at directing the Strata Committee of the next course of action.


We are experienced in completing Notices to Comply with By-laws as well as preparing Mediation, Adjudication, Orders and Penalty Notices via the NSW Civil and Administrative Tribunal, which is administered by the NSW Office of Fair Trading.

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