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More About Our Experienced Team

Having a strata company that provides a core customer service focus with experience and expertise in all matters relating to strata community management provides our clients the best possible mix from a strata company.

Peace of mind support, guidance and direction is important when it comes to matters relating to disputes, by-law enforcement, defects management, establishing accurate budgets, ensuring of legislative compliance, accurately managing the finances and the general day to day management of your building.

Foreshew Strata Agency manages all types of strata and community title schemes including residential, commercial, industrial, retail, mixed-use, community associations, neighourhood associations, company title and building management committee.

Experience matched with customer service and quick response times equals a strata management company you can rely on.

In total Foreshew Strata Agency has thirteen team members, ranging from Senior Strata Managers, Strata Managers, Associates, Finance Managers and Customer Support personnel.

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