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We Provide an Efficient Repairs and Maintenance System


The Owners Corporation has a duty and responsibility to repair and maintain the common property in accordance with the strata legislation.


The co-ordination, management and facilitation of arranging repairs and maintenance is most instances undertaken by your strata manager.


Repairs may be matters relating to burst pipes, water leaks, electrical issues and other maintenance issues that relate to the common property.

At Foreshew Strata Agency we understand the needs and requirements to engage qualified and reliable tradespeople to attend to these repairs and to ensure that there is an efficient process in place when a tradesperson is engaged.

We have a unique process whereby all tradespeople are engaged within 60-minutes of the request and we follow through with their engagement to ensure that they attend site immediately if the matter is urgent or within a reasonable period of time if it is not urgent.


The Strata Committee can also be contacted to provide prior approval before any tradesperson is engaged to attend to the repair. 

All engagement of tradespersons is done via a written work order with its own work order number and as required a home building contract is entered into as required by the Home Building Act 1989.

Our office only use pre-approved compliant tradespeople who have appropriate licences and insurances in place prior to their engagement.

Do you have a Maintenance Request?

Phone 1300 774 784 or email



  • All work orders are issued in writing with a unique work order number

  • The Committee Member is bcc into the work order issued to the service provider

  • Our office follows-up the service providers after 3-business days to ensure that the job is booked in

  • Work orders can be viewed via the On-Line Portal

  • All work orders are matched to invoices

Do you have a

Maintenance Request?

Ph: 1300 774 784 or Email:

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