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Educating Our Clients


Our personal approach also includes continuing to educate the owners and Strata Committee Members. We see this as a fundamental role being your Strata Managers and ensuring that we are spending quality time with our clients and educating them about Strata Living.


We do this a number of ways, one of which is provide clear and concise advice and recommendations to the owners corporation and that of the Strata Committee. This may be in relation to how to take action against an owner or occupier breaching the by-laws, providing advice on taking action against the builder in relation to defective works or when and why certain meetings are required to be called to pass certain resolutions.

We take the time to listen to our clients when they contact us and providing advice and direction on how to handle any matters pertaining to the Owners Corporation, maters affecting owners or tenants living at the building.



PHONE 1300 774 78

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