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Who is responsible?

If you own or reside within a strata scheme, you typically wonder who is responsible for the repair and maintenance of items at the complex.  In most strata schemes, the lot owner is responsible for everything located within the airspace of their unit.  The Owners corporation is then responsible for the repair and maintenance of the common property.

The “Common Property” is formally defined under the Strata Scheme Development Act 2015 – Sect 4 “In relation to a strata scheme or a proposed strata scheme, means any part of a parcel that is not comprised in a lot including any common infrastructure that is not part of a lot”.

This means an individual owner would be responsible for repairs to a leaking shower head as it located with the lots airspace.  Whilst the Owners corporation will be responsible for the plumbing pipes located within the walls as they do not form part of the lots airspace.


Our office encourages all lot Owners, tenants and agents to first notify our office or a member of the strata committee about the problem. If the problem is a minor repair, it maybe able to be repaired without the need for a meeting. If there’s a major problem, a meeting of the strata committee or the owners corporation may be required to authorise the necessary works due financial or legislative restrictions.

Our office still recommends that all Owners, Tenants and Property managers utilise Strata Community Australia (NSW) “Who's Responsible Guide” when assessing and determining the responsibility for repair.  Please contact our office on to request your copy.
Our office has compiled a list of the commonly requested responsible.

Item                                                                                                    Responsible

Leaking Pipes under the Sink                                                           Owner
Toilet Cistern/Bowl                                                                            Owner
Paint Work                                                                                          Owner
Entrance Door to Unit                                                                       Owners Corporation
Blocked floor drain/sewer                                                                 Owners Corporation
Intercom Handsets                                                                            Owners Corporation
Keys/remotes/swipes                                                                        Owners
Door handle lock (entrance door)                                                    Owners Corporation
Door Dead lock (entrance door)                                                       Owners
Internal Doors                                                                                     Owners
Carpets/flooring                                                                                 Owners
Taps and Washers (Screeching Pipes)                                              Owners
Lights Bulbs/Down Lights                                                                  Owners
Bath tub - Plug and Waste                                                                 Owners











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