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Case Study: Fire Upgrade


This seaside complex, comprises a mixture of residential apartments and retail lots. Foreshew Strata Agency was appointed while the complex was about to start a major fire defects rectification, well over $100,000.

Foreshew Strata Agency managed the process in relation to the engagement of a project manager to oversee the works.

The local council required the owners corporation to undertake a fire upgrade due to the current fire system not meeting the appropriate standards. After a lengthy review of the requirements and to see whether there were alternatives, including seeking advice from professional third party engineers, the owners corporation had no option but to undertake the upgrade.


Foreshew Strata Agency co-ordinated the quotation for the project manager and assisted with the scope of works to obtain three quotations for the fire upgrade.

Upon receiving the quotations, Foreshew Strata Agency liaised with the committee to review all three tenders and which party would be the most appropriate one.

The owners corporation conducted an EGM to raise the funds for the works and then appointed a contractor for the works to be undertaken.

Foreshew Strata Agency has managed the process including ensuring home building contracts are in place, warranty insurance and communication with residents regarding the fire upgrade.

The end result was that the fire upgrade was completed and the AFSS lodge with council to their satisfaction.

If you know of a building in a similar circumstance and require assistance, don't hesitate to contact our office so we can have a no obligation discussion how we may be able to assist.


Fire Upgrade

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