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Consultation Services


At Foreshew Strata Agency we are a full service approach which includes a consultancy meeting to review and discuss the new development and understand our client's outcomes.

As part of the process of the consultancy meeting we will run through the development details, planning and title structure.


For complex establishments we will provide detailed Title Paper outlining the structure of the new development.

We see the consultation meeting as an important process and the steps in understanding the new development, our clients requirements and executing then delivery of these requirements.

Our Services Include

Our pre-consultancy meeting is an important step to understand your project.

This involves discussion on the project in detail, understanding the planning requirements and the overall outcomes you wish to achieve. We will then at the same time provide advice and feedback and areas that may enhance and provide value adds to the project.


Titling Advice and Best Structure Set-up

Post the consultancy meeting, we will provide you advice as to what would be the best title structure fit for your project. We are experts in complex complexes and can provide easy to understand advice for structures involving Building Management Committees, Community Title, Strata Title and Mixed Strata Title.


Where required we also provide a Title Paper that outlines the structure and title proposal of the project.


Detailed Budget and Levy Schedule

Due to our expertise and experience establishing all types and sizes of developments we can provide you accurate budgets and levy schedules at a level in which you are comfortable and complying with the legislation.


Our budgets are provided well in advance of the project starting so that our clients can utilise our budgets as part of their marketing package.

By-Law Establishment

The by-laws are an important component of any development and fundamentally important that these are correct and designed to suit the project at hand.


With this in mind we can prepare tailored by-laws and/or review the draft by-laws drawn-up and recommend any amendments or additions that may be necessary.


Information Certificate Guarantee

We guarantee that the information certificate will be processed within one business day at the clients direction. The information certificates can be e-mailed, posted or both.


Establishment Services

We will establish the building to comply with the relevant legislation, which is completed in advance of the building being registered. This ensures a smooth transition from developer to the building.


Post Establishment Management

To ensure that the smooth transition carries forward post the developer, we provide an on-boarding document outlining the developer requirements and have all forms pre-completed as required for furnishing to the building.


We also provide you with a document that outlines all the documentation that must be provided to the building, including but not limited to: warranties, Telstra change of ownership forms, manuals, as-built drawings, certificate of title etc.


We walk hand in hand with the developer to ensure that all statutory requirements are met so that there is no recourse against the developer.

Once the complex is established, Foreshew Strata Agency will also seek a review of the electricity costs to the complex as well as telephone line costs.

On average we have been able to save our clients in excess of up to 20% is costs.

Have peace of mind that you are with one of the most Experienced strata management companies, that ensures a smooth transition from construction to post strata management establishment.




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