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Residential Management Services

Residential Strata Management is the most common type of strata title scheme in NSW. We manage residential strata schemes being townhouses, villas, strata title buildings and communities ranging from 2 lots to in excess of 500+ lots.

Our core competencies are the management and establishment of small, medium and large commercial, industrial, residential and mixed use buildings. We have a broad range of experience in the management of all types of title structures, including Strata and Community Schemes, Company Title and Building Management Committees (“BMCs”).

We specialise in the strategic management from the complicated large scale to the stylish smaller boutique buildings and everything in between.

Our team members have no less than 10-years experience each working in the strata management industry, with the majority of the team members working for more than 15-years within the industry. This experience and expertise is unparalleled in the strata industry and ensures that our clients are provided the right advice, direction and support.

With a strong focus on the practical challenges faced by the Owners and Strata Committees we offer a full range of process, implementation and consulting services necessary for the successful operation of your building.

Foreshew Strata Agency has a proven track record of assisting Owners Corporation that are experiencing difficulties with matters from lack of guidance and support from your strata manager, defects management, enforcement of the by-laws to provide concise advice and direction.

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