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Developer Consultancy 


Foreshew Strata Agency has cultivated a team of seasoned experts with a key focus in customising a unique experience for all of our clients and developments.

Led by Tony Foreshew, who has been in the strata industry since 1999 and having been involved in development establishment since the early 2000's, Foreshew Strata Agency has been involved in new developments across NSW ranging from two lot townhouses to multi-layered developments comprising more than 500+ lots.

By crafting multi-disciplinary and holistic approach to representation of new developer clients Foreshew Strata Agency has redefined the approach of strata consultancy and establishment services across NSW. 

Foreshew Strata Agency provides on-the-ground knowledge and experience of a broad spectrum of development knowledge, with the expertise and vision of a dedicated new development team that provides advice and consultancy to assist in marketing design and title advice to ensure the best outcomes for the development.

We extend far beyond that of a conventional strata management company.


We envision ourselves as a lifestyle company committed to service excellence, educating our clients, looking at ways to reduce your strata levies and going beyond our standard duties to provide next level service deliverables.



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The Foreshew Strata Agency New Development Group have been responsible for some of the most prestigious developments across Sydney, Wollongong and NSW. We work hand in hand with our clients and provide a service in-matched within the industry.

Our experience and expertise is underpinned by our delivery our outcomes to around client and extends beyond the finished product as we see ourselves in partnership with all our clients in developing and continuing a long lasting relationship.



The Foreshew Strata Agency New Development Group prides itself on providing clients with honest and informed advice, while working together to establish aspirational products and achieve performance benchmarks that are both rigorous and attainable.


We push the boundaries to ensure that our clients legacy is established in a professional manner and managed to ours and their expectation post construction. 


We believe that a strong foundation in research and analysis is key to all sound decision-making in the property sector. We provide insights into current strata trends and the future outlook in the strata sector to assist with the development requirements.

With a strong knowledge of the legislative requirements pre and post construction, we are able to guide our clients to ensure that there are no complexities involved wit the development.

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