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Project Intervene Strata | Lodge Prior to 30th June 2023

As released in our previous news letter, Strata Schemes in NSW that qualify have until 30th June 2023 to make any lodgments regarding Project Intervene.

There are certain requirements that your building must meet to qualify for Project Intervene.

We have included these details again to this newsletter for your review.

In response to reports of serious defects in recently completed and occupied residential apartment buildings, the NSW Building Commissioner launched a new initiative in November 2022 known as “Project Intervene” (Project).

The primary purpose of the Project is to provide a way forward for Owners Corporation to find alternative resolution with developers without costly, stressful and often time-consuming litigation.

To be considered for the Project, a complaint must be lodged by an authorised member of the strata committee or the strata manager with NSW Fair Trading between the 2nd of November 2022 and the 30th of June 2023. To be eligible for the Project, the building must satisfy the following:

  1. The developer (or builder) is active, to ensure rectification responsibilities can be enforced;

  2. An occupation certificate was issued within the last 6 years (statutory warranty);

  3. The residential apartment building is four storeys or more; and

  4. The building is identified as having serious defects in the key building elements of the common property.

Lodgement of a complaint closes on the 30th of June 2023.

The Project in its current form is merely a framework to trial whether the system works. Currently as it sits, the process will revert back to what it was previously after 30 June 2023. That is, if there is a complaint, it will need to go through some form of dispute resolution.

Serious Defects contact Project Intervene
Serious Defects in the Common Property

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