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NSW Requirement Government Annual Reporting

All Strata Schemes in NSW must record their details on the NSW Government Strata Hub,

There are no exemptions for strata schemes on the NSW Strata Hub. This will bring greater accountability on how strata schemes are being run.

Overall, benefits to strata communities include:

  • Access to up-to-date information, with strong privacy and security safeguards

  • Support for emergency services to contact or access your strata scheme if there is an emergency.

  • Targeted communication and better strata services, thanks to accurate and up-to-date information.


Privacy and who accesses the information Whose contact details will be reported? Each strata scheme must report the name, phone number and email of their:

  • secretary

  • chairperson

  • strata manager and building manager (if any).

The secretary and chairperson's phone numbers will not be disclosed. Only one emergency services contact is needed, but your strata scheme can provide more. Emergency services agencies may use the emergency services contacts, if needed.

  • Strata schemes need to report annually

  • Reporting can be done securely online

  • Only the secretary, chairperson or strata manager should complete the reporting

  • More educational resources

  • Access to certain information is restricted

  • This information is provided by NSW Fair Trading.


Important Dates July 2022

  • Strata schemes may now register to the strata portal

August 2022

  • Individual strata schemes or delegated managing agents can enter their reporting into the strata portal and pay the $3 per lot fee

September 2022

  • Strata managers ‘bulk upload' for multiple strata schemes

  • BPAY available

December 2022

  • Strata schemes should submit their first report by the end of December

Foreshew Strata Agency has already started the process of registering the initial set-up for our clients. The information that must be provided includes contact details, emergency contact details, contact details of the building manager (as applicable), the capital fund balance, building sum insured, details around fire and fire safety statement, if there is a strata renewal committee in place, date of the last AGM, if the building is a class 2 building, details on the occupation certificate and details on the NABERS Rating for electricity, water, waste and indoor environment.

Reporting musty be updated as required throughout the year for items such as fire, AGM etc. Therefore, there will be a requirement for strata schemes to continually update information on the NSW Strata Hub.

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