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Foreshew Strata Agency App | Release

Over the last several months, Foreshew Strata Agency has been working on developing an app.

The development of the app has been an aspiration of ours for some time to provide better convenience to our clients, which we believe we provide a higher level of communication and being able to access information 24/7.

The app is still in development, however once released the owners will have access to an arrangement of communication options, links, requests that can be logged, and other features.

These features include:

- Central Discussion Form (Committee and Owners can communicate with each other)

- Owners can log requests

- Building Activity Overview

- Committee Task Management

- Owners can access their levies

- Maintenance Requests and Live Updates

- Book Site Amenities i.e. BBQ area, meeting room etc.

- Quick Search for Documents and more

There is still some work to do prior to the app being released, however, we expect that the app will be released to our clients in the 2nd quarter of 2022.

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