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Your Strata Building Can Now Vote at Meetings Via Electronic Means

On 5 June 2020 the new Covid-19 Strata Regulations commenced.

These new amendments will make it easier for an owners corporation or community association to convene and hold general meetings and meetings of the committee.

The new regulations introduced a number of changes, which will affect owners corporations, community, neighbourhood and precinct associations in NSW.

The new regulations will make it easier for strata managers, to convene and hold general meetings and committee meetings for our clients.

The new regulations will also enable documents to be signed by strata managers remotely and without having the seal affixed to them.

The new regulations also extend certain time periods for things to be done.


The new regulations allow pre-meeting electronic votes and electronic voting while participating in a meeting from a remote location.

This is despite the owners corporation, community association or strata committee has not yet approved electronic voting for meetings.

This means that your building, will not have to pass a motion at a meeting to allow voting via other means.

This will provide greater flexibility for buildings, to consider how they wish to hold their meetings, under the current restrictions due to Covid-19 and post Covid-19.

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